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21. The client agrees that the Employee will not be tortured, harmed mentally or physically. Also, the client cannot increase the work or reduce the salary of the Employee other than what was discussed during the interview and Job description. If the Employee leaves due to any such reason, Sunny Nursing Services will not responsible. 22. In case the Employee is absent because she is unwell/family emergency, no replacement will be given if the Employee promises to join back as soon as possible. When he/she is healthy/fit for work. In case the Employee does not join back within 15 days, you can ask us for replacement. 23. If the invoices are settled and due to any reason the candidate resigns then a free replacement will be provided as mentioned above. Usually, the time taken for the replacement, but it may very depend on the availability of the employee. In case of a likely event of we are not able to give you a replacement within 1 month then a will be issued of 50% amount refundable within 30/45 days. 24. The client will check the bags, purse or any other accessories that the Employee is carrying before the Employee enters the home and before the Employee leaves the house. 25. Sunny Nursing Bureau provide the candidate document with contract copy e.g., Aadhar card /pan card address proof and relatives contact number. 26. The client can submit document of the candidate nearby police station for security purpose. 27. In a month only two holidays allowed.
1. Sunny Nursing Bureau is an individual business. We have agency work available for B.Sc. Nursing, GNM and ANM for ongoing shifts and jobs available within Nursing Homes, Mental Health Units, Learning Disability Homes, Occupational Health, Homecare and Community roles. Our website is and we offer services like (Nurse, Wardboy, Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Nanny, Patient Care, Driver, and more) selected cities and towns across India. We are providing candidates in residential and commercial and more information visit website : www. 2. The registration service charge for the candidate is one salary + GST, Clients have to pay 50% at the time of registration and 50% once the candidate is joining at your place, on the same day. 3. The contract has a duration of one year and six months. Replacement: up to 3 Replacement, if any, reason the customer cancels the contract there would be no refund. 4. During replacement period of six months. If you wish to terminate the contract for any reason, the service charges/fees paid to us will not be refunded. 5. The client will check the bag, purse or any other thing that the Employee is carrying before the Employee enter the home and before the Employee leaves the home. This is for safety of the client 6. The client under takes to notify Sunny Nursing Services immediately upon agreeing to hire a candidate introduced by Sunny Nursing Bureau. 7. We are not responsible for any wrongdoing between the applicant and the client. 8. Instructions are strictly confidential, if Sunny Nursing Services introduces candidates to the client, the interview is through telephone conversation, video call, etc. The interview will be giving at your place, Executive will come at your location with Employee there will be 2 option giving Select/Reject , If you select Employee need to join on same day and need to clear the balance without salary given to candidate there will be no replacement given , the money paid by you is our agency fee and not Employee salary. 9. Any payment made to the candidate the firm will not be liable for the money involved. 10. While every endeavour is made by Sunny Nursing Services to introduce satisfactory candidates to the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of the candidate prior to hiring him or her. If required the client need to do the medical examination for client safety. 11. Prior to the placement of the Employee, the client has to give us the job description of the type of work the Employee needs to do, the client cannot make the Employee to anything outside the job description then Sunny Nursing Bureau will not replace the Employee and neither refund the Services Charges/Fees paid by the client. 12. Although we do a document verification of the Employee, we strongly suggest that the client either himself or ask Sunny Nursing Services to do a police verification of the Employee. Sunny Nursing Bureau may assist the client in with the details of the Employee provided to us by the Employee when the Employee registered with you. 13. If the invoices are settled and due to any reason, the candidate resigns then a free replacement is 15 days but it may be depending or the availability 14. If Client need Employee interview on odd days like Sunday or odd working hours need to pay Rs 500/- per visit 15. The document will be given to you after the full and final payment is done and will sent by courier 16. Check candidate background document & reference based on candidate communication and details provided, but we are not giving any clarification. If any medical unfit found or candidate missed behavior found then our firm is not responsible for any misdeed. if any advance payment asked by candidate for then our respect client has responsibility to inform concerned person of our firm of monetary. If with any reason we are unable to fulfil your services than 50% amount will be refunded within 45 days by courier. 17. The payment has to be made in favour of Sunny Nursing Services. 18. The salary of the Employee starts from the day he or she starts working and needs to be paid on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis directly to the Sunny Nursing Bureau. 19. An invoice will be sent to the client upon commencement of employment and the agency fee. 20. If you are not satisfied with our services then kindly give a notice of 30 days before you release the Employee so that we can find a better one Employee for you. The Employee which has been sent for replacement cannot be offered less salary than the first Employee.